Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau

Hammons and Associates has had a relationship with the Greenwood CVB that goes back to its shaky beginning.  When the original local and private legislation was endangered by a petition circulated by local restaurant owners, Allan Hammons and a local businessman and former legislator were tasked with convincing the restaurant group to drop their opposition. Thankfully, they were successful.

Hammons & Associates has created many pieces used by the Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau and helped them promote popular tours such as those based on “The Help” movie, Robert Johnson’s legacy, Civil Rights, and more. For several decades, Hammons and Associates has worked with the Greenwood CVB to ensure that our city is well positioned as a desirable travel destination and has the very best marketing tools.  After all, this is our hometown and we take special pride in seeing that Greenwood is more than just competitive.


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