B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center

The B.B. King Museum Foundation approached Hammons and Associates in 2002 for assistance in planning an official museum for B.B. King. After attending a board meeting and hearing their vision, Allan Hammons suggested that what the board envisioned as a $250,000 project would have to be much larger to succeed. Six years and $15 million later, the B.B. King Museum officially opened its doors.

H&A worked with the foundation board to develop an identity and all associated collateral materials including print, web and video. These marketing materials were used for both fundraising and promotion.

H&A was active in creating the content for the permanent exhibition, helping oversee the creation of all films, selecting all images used in the permanent exhibition, and coordinating the overall design and construction. H&A continues to provide marketing and design services for the Museum. Within six months of opening its doors, the B.B. King Museum had hosted visitors from all fifty states and more than thirty nations.

We helped plan and execute events including the groundbreaking ceremony, grand opening, and sadly, Mr. King’s funeral in Indianola.


Most recently, H&A was involved in the design and production of a traveling exhibit for kids. Allan designed the exhibit to mimic a kid-friendly version of B.B. King’s bus, in addition to a floor rug and other parts related to the exhibit. Hammons also created the brand for this project.

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