Mississippi Delta Tourism Association

In 2010, the Mississippi Delta Tourism Association engaged Hammons and Associates to develop a new identity.  H&A embarked on a significant effort to discover what visitors were seeking when they came to the Delta.  Extensive work was done with an existing database of known Delta travelers. Interviews were conducted with tourism professionals and with front-line workers in restaurants and hotels throughout the region. Once the research was completed, H&A developed a new regional identity that embodied the qualities that were shown to be most important to visitors.

Rationale: See Where the Backroads Take You 

Some 57 percent of visitors surveyed named “wandering the backroads” as their favorite Delta pastime. In a world that’s becoming more and more urbanized, technically connected, and harried, the simple pleasure of getting in your car and letting the road lead you is more appealing than ever, and the Delta is one of the few places where there are actually backroads left to explore.

This tagline speaks directly to the sense of wanderlust and adventure that appeals to Delta travelers. Those roads lead to the people, places, and events found only in the Delta, and to one-of-a-kind adventures travelers can share – and brag about – with their friends back home.


Vicksburg National Military Park

Yazoo City, MS – Mississippi History

Tunica, MS – Willows Sporting Clays

Cleveland, MS – Poor Monkey Lounge

Indianola, MS: BB King & the Blues

Greenwood, MS – Robert Johnson Blues

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