Viking Hospitality Group

In 1981, Fred Carl, Jr. asked his longtime friend Allan Hammons to work with him on creating a prototype drawing of his idea for a commercial-type range intended for home use. Fred also wanted Allan’s help in researching a name, and then creating the logo once the Viking name was chosen. In addition to designing that logo, Allan created the first illustrations that were used in Viking print ads.

Today, Viking Hospitality Group (VHG) consists of The Alluvian Hotel, The Alluvian Spa, Viking Cooking School and the infamous affiliated restaurant, Giardina’s – all of which are located on the corner of Howard and Church Street in Greenwood, Mississippi. Hammons & Associates has handled the 4-entity media buys for 10+ years. In 2018, H&A was awarded the opportunity not only to continue the media buying for VHG, but also to create an entirely new ad campaign. The campaign consists of print and digital, including the reworking of a template system used for e-newletters and social media events. The campaign is currently still running in mid-2019, and H&A continues to make adjustments accordingly.

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